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Pitch Us

Reality Show Pilots:

Have an idea for a Reality Show?? Want to get a Pilot Shot?? We can turn your idea into a fully edited HD reality show and help you shop it around to networks. We are a Reality Show Production Crew for hire. We handle all of your pre-production to post-production needs. Think you got the next great concept but not the know how to get it into the right hands? Contact us and we can help you. We work for a fraction of the cost that other production houses charge and our product is higher in quality. We can help you become the next big Reality Star in no time. We know exactly what the big networks are looking for. Pitching a concept to a network for a reality show is a thing of the past, now they want a to see pilot shot. Get famous! Should the networks pass on the concept we are launching a Web T.V. Station to host Reality Shows and can host your show there. Web Shows are becoming more and more of a phenomenon.

Contact us today with your concept before someone else does and lets get started on pre-production. Before you know it, your idea will be fully edited with storyline, characters, music, graphics and effects. Our experienced production teams use the latest products and software to capture and edit your Reality Show concept.

Please be advised that many submissions are made to our sit and we receive many ideas and proposals, and we also develop many ideas for television shows and other media outlets. Because many proposals might cover similar territory or in some cases appear almost identical in content or format, we must ask you to read and agree to the terms of this agreement before you pitch your proposal to us.

By accepting the terms and submitting this form, you acknowledge and agree that:

  1. You are a United States taxpayer, if not a U.S. taxpayer please specify your country.
  2. You are at least 18 years of age.
  3. You are submitting an original idea that you created and own.
  4. You agree to protect, defend, and indemnify us from and against any claims by a third party that the intellectual property, including the idea itself, violates the rights of such third party.
  5. You acknowledge we receive and will receive numerous submissions, some of which may be nearly identical to the idea you are submitting. We are developing our own proposals and ideas.
  6. We may already be working on another concept(s) similar to yours.
  7. You agree that you will not be entitled to any compensation if we exploit an idea similar or identical to your submission that it has either developed internally or acquired from another third party. You also agree that we might develop or acquire a similar idea to yours in the future, and in that case you will not be entitled to compensation.
  8. With respect to your submission, we are not obligated to use your idea. If we desire to utilize your idea, we would first enter into a formal, binding, written contract governing our use of the submission and the compensation payable to you as a result of such use.
  9. You understand that materials sent to us will not be returned, and you agree to retain at least one copy of your material. Further, you release us from any liability of loss of, or damage to, the copies of the material submitted by you hereunder.
  10. Any dispute which may arise between us shall be settled via binding arbitration before a mutually selected arbitrator in accordance with the current rules of the American Arbitration Association in Chicago, IL. The prevailing party in any such arbitration shall be entitled to recover, in addition to any award, reasonable attorneys' fees in connection therewith.

Contact us today to check availablity.

Reality Producers
Phone: 773-851-7322
Email: info@realityproducers.com